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Maths Masters was set up to provide affordable tuition opportunities to families who would like to give their child extra support with mathematics. Maths Masters can be described as a shared tutoring option which combines personal attention with economies of scale.

Having experience of GCSE private tutoring it became evident that many children were still in need of extra support, even at that age. They lacked the fundamental skills necessary to access the secondary school maths curriculum fully.  Maths Masters is a tuition programme. It mirrors the national curriculum, reinforces learning and provides additional practice for topics covered at school. It delivers a programme of work in an entertaining environment which removes all pressure from parents to enforce home study. The latter often sours the parent child relationship and can be impractical for a child with a full extra curriculum schedule.

​The tutor supervises an individual student or a small group of two or three students working on their own programme, intervening as necessary and offering support and guidance. Each session includes maths games giving the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have practised in a formal setting, to a more spontaneous and flexible scenario. During this period the tutor will review worksheets and feedback to students at the end of the session.
At Maths Masters ALL work produced by your child is marked, collated and assessed. Our tutors and supporting team members spend time with each and every child, encouraging them and ‘pushing’ each one according to their individual strengths. This means that children who struggle and also children looking for an extra challenge can enjoy and profit from their time with us equally.

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