Lilly, 11 and Ava, 8

I am really amazed just how much my two girls enjoy attending Maths Masters. They have come on leaps and  bounds and I am incredibly pleased with the progress they are making. We travel some distance to attend the sessions but having affordable tuition means both my children can attend together, regardless of their ability. They are always very positive before and after their sessions, in fact the hardest part is getting them to leave! I would definitely recommend Maths Masters to any parent who is keen to have a more hands on and personal approach to tuition rather than some of the larger, money making franchises.

Jess Newman

Aneka, 10

I really can’t thank Maths masters enough.  My daughter Aneka has never been confident in Maths but Maths Masters has made a huge difference to Aneka’s confidence and ability.  Aneka has found the simple and basic methods taught by Maths Masters extremely helpful, in her own words “Maths doesn’t seem so difficult now, it is easy to understand.”

I would recommend Maths masters, especially if you feel your child is struggling or falling behind in the class or you want to reinforce what they have already learned.

Thank you very much Louise and Emma.

Ethan, 10

My son Ethan's attitude towards maths before Maths Masters was very negative. He was falling behind at school and in a class of 30, he was struggling to keep up. His confidence was very low regarding maths and he was at a point that he was blocking out any maths based learning. 

Ashamed for failing him and losing patience myself as a mother trying to teach him at home, I was completely lost in how or where to begin?  

Maths Masters gave me light at the end of a dark tunnel of frustration; it gave us all a path to follow and somewhere to begin.

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the time, care and effort you have put into my son's teaching at Maths Masters these past few months.  The games and targets really work, the small groups make learning less intense and the homework challenges are fun and achievable to his level.  

But more importantly I have seen a vast improvement in his positivity towards maths.  Your kindness, hard work and dedication have ensured that my son has enjoyed maths for the first time and says Maths Masters is his favourite club!  

Sam West


What parents have to say about us

My name is Boris

I am in Year 6 now.

My first school was ******** and I was then only 5.

In ******** I didn’t know anything at all. I couldn’t understand them, so I didn’t really learn and we did Maths in these colourful blue books with characters and on one of the pages there was drawn a caterpillar saying fill the blanks in for the sequence.

I didn’t understand anything. They tried to help or tell me the answer but I didn’t understand, nor did I understand the sequence and I was only in year 1.

Then my parents signed me up for Maths Masters, a place where you learn and get better at Maths. My first day was lovely. Everybody was nice and kind to me.

First thing was I didn’t know my number bonds nor my times tables. My favourite tutor here was everyone because everybody is kind and helps me and I think of them as one of my friends. And later I was the best in Maths and because of Maths Masters I got into my secondary school RGS which means Reigate Grammar School.

Thank you Maths Masters!



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Poppy, 8

​​Poppy has been attending Maths Masters since year two.
I decided to give it a go as Poppy was struggling at school and with her maths homework. She really didn't enjoy doing maths!
Poppy now tells me that maths is her favourite lesson, she is confident and not afraid to ask questions in class and since completing her times tables all aspects of maths are challenging yet achievable.
Poppy really enjoys MM, she likes the teachers, she understands them, she sees the benefits herself and she loves the praise she gets whilst being there along with the stickers and gifts as she reaches her goals.
Poppy's class teacher recently said ' Poppy was on fire today with multiplication ' all down to her knowing the times tables!
Going in to year four in September and looking forward to another year at Maths Masters. Thank you all so much.

​Sara James

Mia, 10 and Evan 8

My children (ages 10 and 8) have been attending maths masters for over a year now. I have noticed a big improvement in their maths and confidence in learning. 

My Daughter can struggle at times but has learnt that with a bit of patience and determination she can do it ! 
Since starting maths masters both children are confident in all of their times tables which helps them achieve in other areas of maths. The recent awards ceremony was fantastic and they were both delighted with their awards which showed them that hard work really does pay off.